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With our ‘Heart Song Circles’ you will find a very warm and harmonious welcome!  No sheet music or lyrics, we learn the songs by ear as it’s more fun that way! We all then sing together in unison, in ‘rounds’ and with simple harmonies. Our Song Circles are run in association with Singing Mamas Choir, a national non-profit organisation working across the UK, with a mission to empower women and improve their wellbeing by creating soulful song sharing communities.Singing together acts as a natural anti-depressant and is scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing. There is no audition, everyone is welcome to come along, join in and have fun!  It’s simply about women coming together to sing and connect.  We would love you to join us!


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Damon is an Usui Reiki practitioner & teacher of over 10 years, with an interest in all forms of energy healing including Druidry & Shamanism.  

Constantly learning from spirit & the Universe and open to growth on every level.

Here to help and serve where possible.

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I’ve worked in mental health for 10yrs, firstly as a support worker, then becoming a therapy coordinator in a rehabilitation unit, this led me to become a therapist and for the past 4yrs I have worked for myself in my own private practice, I’m a qualified integrative therapist. 

During this time I have studied breath work and meditation, I did this initially for my own mental health but quickly realised the power of the breath and started integrating it in with my client work.


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Yoga Is As Yoga Does’ mission is to provide support for anyone who wishes to cultivate their wellbeing and positively transform their life through yoga, sound bath relaxation & meditation. Dione promotes self-care with the union of sound, breathwork and yoga as a pursuit to help people deal with the ever-increasing stressful world we live in.


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I’m a successful Psychic Tarot Reader based in Liverpool – here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. Whatever you’re going through, I‘m here to help you find your way forward. 

From a young age I realised I was blessed with a gift that enabled me to see and sense things others could not. Let me do the same for you as I have over 25 years of experience.

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Hi, I’m Kirsten – I am a British Wheel of Yoga Registered Yoga and Meditation teacher based in Cheshire with a passion for sharing the wonderful practice of all things yoga.

My classes are inclusive to all with an emphasis on how a pose feels rather than how it looks.
I teach gentle Hatha classes and also restorative yoga and meditation.

I believe now more than ever in this world there is a need to slow it down and be present in the moment.
Om shanti, Kirsten x

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Lisa Lea
Priestess Elder Moon

Hi, I’m Lisa. I trained to be a priestess of Cerridwen at The Goddess Temple In Glastonbury.

I am fully trained in ceremonial work, such as naming ceremonies, hand-fastings, bridal blessings, queening/croning and more. I am also a fully qualified Reiki practitioner ( Level 2 Usui ).

I am in service to the Goddess & the community and have been a practicing witch for most of my adult life. Blessed be.

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Lisa Greenwood

Hello, I’m Lisa and I am a rebel with a heart full of love, a free spirit and a stitch witch! I am deeply passionate about understanding and utilising the power and knowledge that we, as women, have hidden deep within our souls and womb wisdom. 

I have gone deep into my own wounds and I’m still learning how to navigate this thing called life, honouring my truth and growth. Therefore, I know the true magic of sitting in a circle with other women.

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Mal Bailey

The Drum Beat

The Sacred beat which helps us to connect and move between the seen and the unseen worlds. The places we go to connect and work with our helping spirits to gain Wisdom, Knowledge and Healing.

Follow the sacred beat from within and let your heart guide the way as you reach an altered state of consciousness as you learn to listen to and work with the drum. Please bring your own drum, some are available ( please ask as numbers are limited), a journal, a pillow and blanket if you prefer to lie down during any journeys, and a bottle of water. Remember ” The only limitation is your own imagination”

          See you soon               A’ho🌞🙏🌈

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Naomi Body

I am a Spiritual Medium and have been aware of Spirit since I was a child.
I have worked as a Medium for the past 30 years as well as giving one to one readings for various churches and organisations, as well as private readings.
I am eager to help people connect with loved ones and friends who have passed to the other side of life. Sometimes Guides and Helpers may come through too, offering help with life or spiritual questions.
A reading can bring forward many things! Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears, sometimes a much deeper understanding of life. Readings always brings an element of healing and most of all, love.

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I help open-minded, curious people, by giving uplifting readings, to guide you to your best life..

Do you think you may be going through a spiritual awakening but you’re not sure? Do you need some confirmation that you’re on the right path? Are you worried about a situation?

My readings will give you all of those things and more. A mixture of a 20 year career as a coach, a lifelong gift for working with cards, a connection with spirit and a sense of humour, means a reading with me is going to really help.

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Sarah Devine 

I have been a teacher specialising in art and well-being for 22 years.

I am also a hypnotherapist, holistic therapist, Artist, crystal healer and wire wrapper, Reiki Master/Teacher and medium. 


My passion is to support others to reach their magical potential, heal and grow.


We are humbly, truly grateful for all your support. Though in all honesty, we also need copious amounts of caffeine to survive.

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Thanks 🙂



Disclaimer :  All readings are meant as a guide, it is your own personal choice and responsibility to accept or act upon the information offered.