Angel Dust

About Us

Who are we ?

We are Husband and wife – Lisa and Damon.

Angel Dust is our dream.

Our aim is to provide a hub for alternative goods, therapies and classes, where new faces become friends. To create a welcoming environment and hold positive space for all.

Lisa is the face of Angel Dust and is a Priestess of Cerridwen, under the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury, and is Interested in bringing the Goddess back to the world.

Damon works behind the scenes, dealing with the website, online orders, shop maintenance/improvements, and is a fully trained Reiki Master ( Usui Lineage ) with an interest in Shamanism & Druidry

In the beginning ...

Angel Dust began life as an idea which in June 2013 became a reality.

A little time, perseverance and hard work transformed an empty shell into the humble beginnings of Angel Dust, nestled in a single 3m x 3m stall within Widnes Market, with limited stock.

We began with a small range of goods – mainly incense, dreamcatchers and a few other items and slowly increased what we had to offer.

From small acorns…

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Progress ...

In 2016 we expanded into the next stall. The extra space allowed us to increase the selection of goods. 

We added clothing , spell ingredients, salt lamps and other items to our range.

 It also gave us room to expand our range of crystals.

Further expansion into a third stall took place in 2018, to provide  extra space for the clothing and a small changing room.

Movement ...

March 2020 saw Angel Dust break out from the confines of Widnes Market and move into a high street shop.

Here we can carry a larger range of goods with more space and also have room to host classes and training. We are better placed to serve our growing customer base with a greater selection of goods and services.


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Expansion ...

August 2022 saw a very surprising turn of events

On a whim, we decided to view vacant premises, purely out of interest.

It didn’t quite work out as simple as that and the universe has its way of guiding us, we should have known better. 

A leisurely viewing appointment lead to a barrage of questions for the agent and 6 hectic weeks later, we opened Angel Dust Frodsham Ltd. on 4th September.

We are still growing, and hope to continue a long journey to wherever the universe takes us, come and join us…


We are humbly, truly grateful for all your support. Though in all honesty, we also need copious amounts of caffeine to survive.

If you like what we do, please consider donating to buy us a coffee.

Thanks 🙂